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February and March 2018



Adaptive Alignment Course Description and Objectives

Mentorships, trainings and study groups are now available for Medical Professionals & Accredited Bodyworkers. The Biomechanics of Adaptive Alignment was developed for Structural Integrators after decades of research and development founded on the prolific work of Liz Gaginni, M.A. & Ida P. Rolf PhD, founder of The Rolf Institute and has now been synthesized for other modalities.

As the cost of basic training at Structural Integration schools reaches all-time highs, the level of sophistication has not. This is not meant derogatorily it simply implies that most grow comfortable where they are planted. In fact, other SI schools have spun off of The Rolf Institute for decades with very little differentiation except for Tom Myers Anatomy Trains, a beautiful example of another option but which still has our community hungry for the unanswered questions of tilt, shift, side bend & rotation of asymmetries.

Yes, I firmly believe the nature of our work is this inquiry into the mystery of fascia and I have great respect for those who have come before me and even more so for those whose views are in opposition to mine. But respect doesn’t make me proficient at SI, moving the paradigm needle does. In addition, every other bodywork modality has been encroaching on SI strategies for years with no relevant contribution at all, even reducing its efficacy to nothing more than ambiguous fascia mashing or at best quackery.

With that said the stage is set for a true paradigm shift in the way SI strategies are discerned and disseminated amongst different modalities. It goes without saying that what I am proposing is not in replacement of nor in opposition to the standards of RISI or IASI, and it also recognizes that the tremendous talent of the faculty and body of both resources are some of the very reasons I am writing this now. I am simply offering another extremely valuable option that holds the values and standards of Ida P. Rolf in the utmost highest regard without the tremendous opportunity cost.

Most of us who know the Adaptive Alignment model have been in awe of its complexity and sophistication since its inception but in truth it is much easier to comprehend than any other SI model I have had the gratitude to work with. I have personally been working proficiently with the Adaptive Alignment model since 2006 and bring a refreshing perspective that makes the model extremely fun, cogent and logical, dare I say again easier; it just makes sense. With a B.B.S. and a Finance MBA I gravitate towards systems of statistical analysis and probability distributions. I’ve also been a bodyworker since 1997, completing my SI training at RISI in 2006.

Immediately upon completing my basic certification at RISI I began training in Adaptive Alignment with Liz Gaginni, M.A. of The Rolf Institute and have been gratefully doing the work ever since.  From this gestalt of training I prepare and mentor accredited bodyworkers from any modality that want to learn and be proficient at assessing and addressing the human condition as it relates to structural and functional asymmetries or common fascial misalignments and injuries.

I teach assessing and addressing fascial asymmetries associated with TMJ, Thoracic Outlet, Dislocated Ribs, Sub-lux Segments, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow Carpal Tunnel Tunnel, Sciatica, Bunions and a host of others. There is no need for “tips and tricks”, which is the common request at most SI trainings, just devote yourself to this whole body integrative system and it seems that most of these can and will reduce, reverse or resolve.





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