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Rolfing FAQs

 Certified Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth-Dallas is an inquiry into the optimal functioning of the human being. It is a system of body re-education and manipulation originally known as Structural Integration and the product of over 50 years of study and practice by creator, Dr. Ida P. Rolf. Originally an organic chemist with the Rockefeller Institute, Dr. Rolf perfected the technique of Rolfing Structural Integration over many years before establishing a training program and professional organization of around 1300 practitioners worldwide. Rolfing addresses the body stocking under the skin known as Fascia. What separates Rolfing from other somatic practices is the Rolfers premise about a persons relationship to themselves and to their environment:

1.) Most human beings are asymmetric and out of alignment with gravity.

2.) We function better when we are naturally lined up with the earths gravitational field.

3.) The human body is so plastic that it’s alignment can be brought into harmony at anytime in a persons life.

Research from the movement behavior laboratory at UCLA has shown that there is a more powerful sense of grace, ease, efficiency of movement and often the release from stress caused by gravity resistant patterns from Rolfing. The sessions are classically given in a set of sessions with individual post-ten sessions if needed. Every session prepares the body for the next session and builds upon the prior ones. The Research Tab can access more specifics about
The Science Of Rolfing SI.


Can children be Rolfed?

Children can be Rolfed and Pediatric Rolfing is offered on a case by case basis.

The Certified Rolfing Ten Series has the potential to reduce pain and release tension in the connective and myofascial tissue of the body associated with TMJ, CTS, RLS, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica,  Fascitis, Bunions, and Scoliosis. Fascial asymmetries can cause foot, leg, knee, hip, back, shoulder, neck, arm, hand, and head pain; integration therapy is necessary. Orthopedic, Chiropractic, Physical,
and Massage Therapist recognize Rolfing and Rolf Movement as premium pain management utilizing Structural, Functional, and Postural Integration.

What do I wear?

Unlike massage, with Rolfing the client is clothed with underwear, 2 piece swim suit, or preferably with under wear is often the choice.

Is Rolfing Uncomfortable?

Rolfing may at times feel deep or uncomfortable, but it depends on the Rolfer. When assessing the direction of correction its is valuable to understand that the correction is not dependent on depth but
direction, which the fascia is intimately communicating with. My style of Rolfing accomplishes the structural goals with minimal discomfort and is communicated by my clients that it does not hurt, but is extremely pleasing because the direction of correction is initiated before depth of touch.

Rolfing, Massage, and Chiropractic

Rolfing differs from massage in that massage in and of itself is not sufficient to achieve the desired results and massage in general is not designed to change an individuals structural patterns. Massage may feel good when receiving and indeed can be very therapeutic. Chiropractic, like massage, does not directly address the fascial restrictions systematically that envelope the bone yet can also be very therapeutic. Massage and Chiropractic are great to receive and when coupled with the techniques and time strategies of Rolfing,  results from massage and Chiropractic therapy can be  exponential.

Why do the ten series?

The ten series and advanced sessions are the opportunity to address the asymmetrical pattern in the body systematically. The research briefly discussed above finds that the Rolfing ten series recipe is the best way to achieve structural goals. The asymmetrical pattern did not appear at once, thus to create a new potential takes more than a single session. Often more than ten sessions is desired from persons recieving the ten series. The way that the first session feels should be a good enough indicator of the need for further work.

Are all Rolfers the same?

All Rolfers are trained and certified through the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and should be considered the best in this field, but our styles, language, techniques, and touch can vary greatly
so when seeking a Rolfer check out their website or speak with them to find out more about their practice. Before and after photos, of their own clients, and articles they have written can be much
more informative than “testimonials” and should be more than enough to help you decide who is right for you. Be aware that there are non-Structural Integrators or therapists who make undocumented claims or use photos that are not their own.