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John Barton, Certified Advanced Rolfer
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Certified Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth -Dallas is located in Fort Worth, TX at The Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Center directly in front of TCOM where Dr. Rolf is known to have frequented with Dr. Sutherland D.O. in the formative years of cranial osteopathy. This is relevant because the Osteopathic philosophy is the foundation upon which Dr. Rolf formulated her processes. The primary focus of The Advanced Rolfing Algorithm is to be a pain management resource from structural integration and manual therapy resources that adequately represent Dr. Rolf’s vision for Rolfing SI. We work with a team of licensed, trained, and experienced specialists in physical, orthopedic, and Osteopathic therapies. Our specialization is facilitating The Advanced Rolfing Algorithm of treatments to treat fascial asymmetry and address soft tissue issues and restrictions.

We conduct free Certified Rolfing consultations with our clients in order to collate all the essential information we need to achieve an effective treatment. Our initial assessment aims to help pinpoint the root cause of your physiological or chronic pain and deal with it immediately as indicated. With proper diagnosis, we know the best Advanced Rolfing Algorithm to use and avoid other treatments that may potentially aggravate the problem.

Our Certified Rolfing specialists handle soft tissue restrictions that are underlying causes of asymmetrical patterns that are defined as Functionally Asymmetric as opposed to Dysfunctionally Asymmetric. These two asymmetrical patterns are usually associated with health issues such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, scoliosis, TMJ, fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and a host of others. Even after the death of Dr. Ida Rolf, pioneer of the Rolfing treatment, the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration has carried on the mission. We carry the work forward and continue Dr. Rolf’s quest and profound inquiry to enhance the whole person and integrate each individual’s relationship to gravity.