*2* LOCATIONS FOR CERTIFIED ADVANCED ROLFING** 3625 Camp Bowie Boulevard Fort Worth, TX 76107 OR 511 Spokane Ave. Whitefish, MT 59937

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 7:30 am to 7:30 pm & Some Saturday's
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About Rolfing

John Barton, Certified Advanced Rolfer
Rolf Movement Therapist
dr Rolf

Dr Rolf

DR. Ida P. Rolf dedicated her life to the development of a systematic approach to improving human structure and well-being. Her academic work at Columbia University and The Rockefeller Institute led her to a break through understanding of the role of connective tissue the formation and maintenance of human structure, as well as mechanisms by which human structure is distorted by experience and trauma.

Is it a sharp pain in the low back when you bend over to tie your shoe? Or is it a persistent neck ache thats aggravated by long periods of sitting? If tension, constriction and pain have become chronic in your life, its an important signal, a signal that your body is struggling with structural imbalance also known as asymmetry. Such imbalances can arise from poor postural habits, accumulated stress, physical injury or traumatic incident. Treating symptoms rarely brings lasting results, that is why massage or medication may provide temporary relief but tension inflammation and pain inevitably return.

This is why millions of people have turned to Rolfing® over the past 50 years. Its the most effective way to treat everything from neck and back pain to impaired mobility, repetitive stress injuries, and other chronic tensions throughout the body. Everything in the body is connected and thats why the imbalance and pain of one area can affect the entire body. The Rolfing method releases the tension tightness and restrictions that are held in the connective tissue called fascia. The fascia is what connects everything and causes systemic imbalance from any single misaligning issue. Slouched backs with heads too far forward, knocked knees or bowed legs, flat feet to high arches and excessive spinal curve; these are all complex signs pointing to system wide imbalance in the body that can be reduced, reversed or resolved by Rolfing®.

During the Rolfing® Series, as restricted tissues are systematically released and new movements become possible a greater body awareness and less pain are realized. The Rolfing® process goes well beyond other conventional therapies and forms of bodywork to balance the body for permanent relief. Many people find Rolfing® the best way to keep the body flexible and adaptable, in fact professional and amateur athletes, dancers, and medical professionals have long used Rolfing to enhance their performance and meet the daily demands of being in the human body.